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We’re dropping evolving NFTs!

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Hello Wombat Family! You know, Fall is hardly planting season. We do, however, have a penchant for going against the grain, and so, we decided to drop something absolutely amazing. Give it up for Treevolve — our ever-changing Polygon NFT collection.

What is this?

Treevolve is an NFT collection where every NFT starts off as a Seed, followed by a Tree spawn. The more the latter is traded — by volume — the more XP it collects for leveling up. Visually, it transcends into a stunning artwork, with the asset becoming a tall, mystical tree at level 100.

There’s more to that! The trees reward you with $WOMBAT tokens every day depending on their level. If you own at least one Treevolve Tree NFT, you will be able to claim your portion of the $WOMBAT pool every day. We will kick off with 10 million tokens in there, with initially 1% of the remaining pool being distributed to Trees holders every day. On top of that, as the trees get traded, 50% of the royalties on trades will be converted into $WOMBAT and poured into that pool so it doesn’t drain too fast.

In order to claim your daily $WOMBAT rewards, log in to the Treevolve website with your Metamask or Wombat wallet.

The Treevolve NFTs will have utility in the Dungeon Master game as well! We will release a more detailed breakdown of the mining power, but rest assured, you won’t be disappointed with those.

How can I get a Treevolve NFT?

You can get the Seed NFTs from a drop that will go live on November, 6th on Magic Eden, at 16:00 UTC. The Seed holders will then get their Tree NFTs automatically sent to their wallets on November 9th, with a snapshot of the holders of the Seeds taken for Tree distribution on November 9th, 13:00 UTC. Make sure to hold your Seeds in your wallet around that time to make sure you receive your Trees!

Magic Eden will also be the go-to platform for secondary trades —Trees will only gain XP and level up when traded on Magic Eden or OpenSea, but of course can generally be traded anywhere else, as well.

Important to note: when selling those NFTs on OpenSea, please always set royalties. Otherwise, the NFTs won’t get XP calculated.

Keep an eye out for our Community events as well — you never know when some of those trees might end up there as prizes!

Wrapping it up…

This is the first time we’ve conjured up something transformative and practically alive. We’re looking forward to watching your NFT groves spread far and wide, creeping all the way into the dungeons 😉

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