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WAX-EOS $WOMBAT bridge is live!

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Hi Wombat Family!

In the spirit of connectivity, we’re always trying to find more ways for you to put your $WOMBAT tokens to use and move them around with maximum freedom. That’s why we’re excited to share that today, we put together a bridge between WAX and EOS versions of $WOMBAT!

How it works

You can go to Alcor on WAX or EOS — depending on which token you want to move — and connect your wallet. Next, choose the chains and the $WOMBAT token in the drop-down menu as shown in the screenshot below.

The token on the other chain should appear in your wallet in three to five minutes after you confirm the bridge and sign the transaction.

But what about Polygon?

While we don’t have a way of coming up with a straightforward WAX-Polygon bridge yet, you can still use pTokens.io to convert $WOMBAT on EOS into Polygon.

The whole operation requires a few additional steps.

  1. Use ptokens.io to bridge $WOMBAT from EOS to Ethereum.
  2. Use the Swap dapp in your Wombat app to convert those tokens into ETH.
  3. Next, use a Polygon bridge to convert this ETH to MATIC.
  4. Finally, swap that MATIC for $WOMBAT. And voila! 🎉

Please be wary of the gas fees when doing transfers and swaps on EVM chains!

What’s next?

While we don’t have a technical solution for a direct bridge to Polygon yet — but it doesn’t mean we won’t keep trying! For now, we do hope that this is going to make handling your $WOMBAT tokens easier. As always, do let us know how the experience is for you.

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