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Unwrap the joy with up to 10,000$ at XMas Game Fest!

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We’re excited to introduce you to the XMas Game Fest, a joyful gaming experience by AtomicHub and Wombat, powered by Intraverse and supported by WAX. As protagonists, the biggest NFT projects on WAX! Heroes like Brawlers, Taco, Avalon, Colonize Mars, FGL, Novopangea, NFT Draft, and many others!

Running from December 11th to December 20th, the XMas Game Fest builds upon the success of the well-known NFT World Cup format designed by Intraverse. During the last Summer Edition, the competition drew over 4,000 participants into the Intraverse Gaming Arena including NFT projects on WAX, ETH, Polygon, and VeChain, resulting in +420,000 game sessions and a vibrant social buzz with over +22,000 tweets featuring #NFTWC2023!

This time, Intraverse Gaming Arena will be adorned for Christmas, hosting a street-fighter tournament across multiple rounds, exclusively dedicated to NFT projects on WAX Blockchain.

Join the competition wherever you are! The Intraverse platform is now available on WebGL, PCs, Mac OS, and Android. Challenge into thrilling 1v1 battles in PvE mode with your favorite project’s 3D avatar! You can earn points through battles, social quests, challenges on partner gaming platforms, and quizzes to test your knowledge about the participating projects. The prize pot will be huge, MORE THAN $10,000 in tokens and NFTs!

XMas Game Pass Season N.01: Boost Your Gaming Experience!

Elevate your gaming journey with the new exclusive NFT collection on WAX designed by Intraverse: the Xmas Game Pass Season N.01. These passes can be used during the event to boost your scores enhancing your possibilities to win bigger prizes. But that’s not all! Post-event, your pass will also offer staking utility in Dungeon Master, along with a three-month validity period for subsequent Intraverse competitions.

The passes will exclusively drop on the WAX chain via AtomicHub’s Launchpad across different mint phases, the VIP Mint will be on December 6th, while the Public Sale will start on December 8th.

The XMas Game Pass will have a total supply of 1,100 NFTs with four different rarities, corresponding to lower or higher multipliers in-game. Unbox your pass after minting, and let luck decide your boost! Excitingly, you can benefit from a Stack Multiplier, so by owning more passes you can multiply your score up to 7X!

Check out the Intraverse X Account for more details: twitter.com/intraVerse_Game

Are you ready to enter the Arena?

Stay tuned for upcoming news about XMas Game Fest. As the Arena will open, just choose a 3D avatar, get points, support your favorite NFT projects, and climb the leaderboard to get higher prizes. If you own an NFT from the project you are playing for, you’ll enjoy an additional boost to your points!

Don’t miss out on this epic gaming adventure and get ready to discover the NFT projects that will be on the stage!

We’ll see you in the ring!

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