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This is part one of a series of articles that will break down all aspects of the new races, vehicles, and architecture!


Trilium is an innately formless energy source with a chaotic resonance discovered by the Altans which adapts naturally to its surroundings and is classified as the most bio reactive substance in the known universe, causing runaway mutation whenever it comes into direct contact with organic matter. It is known to exist in solid, liquid, or gas states depending on the terrain from which it is extracted. Its constant energy emission is harnessed through artificially constraining its frequency, enabling versatile applications such as augmentation through bionetics & cybernetics, deep space travel, and genetic modifications related to health — particularly disease resistance and eradication — physiological performance, telomeric reconstruction (aiding longevity), and innovative adaptations that facilitate survival in biomes otherwise hostile to life.

The Altans, experimenting with Trilium in various states, identified specific strengths for each, with gaseous Trilium excelling as a technology power source, liquid Trilium as ideal for bionetics, and granulated solid Trilium — suspended in a stabilizing gel — used in genetic modulation.

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