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Tokenized Lore: Evolving Alien Worlds’ Lore with New Technologies, Races, and Cultures

Escrito el 01-12-2023 por
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Alien Worlds is embarking on creating a Community-Governed Sci-Fi Franchise leveraging AI that we are calling “Tokenized Lore.” Here, the community will ultimately decide what is and is not canon. It’s analogous to the fans of Star Wars or Marvel deciding on where the overall universe goes. This is not to say that committees will design specific stories, but our community will decide what the official collection of stories will be. These stories can be used in media like games, animated series, comics, art, and more.

The Federation would like to thank and congratulate the Custodians of the Planetary Syndicates for proposing and approving the recent proposal for the foundation of Tokenized Lore. This proposal was unanimously approved by every Planetary Syndicate. This lore evolution is the first step to bring a rich tapestry of new technologies, races, and cultures, weaving a deeper and more vibrant narrative into our beloved cosmos.

This week, we also announced our future vision and partnership with Kevin J. Anderson, celebrated Sci-Fi author, who helped develop the new lore foundation; check out the press release.

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