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The long-awaited iOS update is here!

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Hello, Wombat Family!

It’s been a while since we last treated our iOS users to a sleek new version of our app. Unfortunately, due to Apple’s ongoing disgruntlement with blockchain- and NFT-related applications, we have been unable to provide.

Luckily, our dev team found an ingenious solution — and we are happy to finally present you a fresh iOS build, available via Testflight.

What is Testflight?

Testflight is a testing application on iOS that allows users to try out application builds that are not available to the general public yet. Since Apple is blocking our builds, we’re using Testflight to deliver you our latest features and improvements without having to deal with the tedious review process.

You can get the build via Testflight here.

How to install Wombat via Testflight?

In Testflight, accept the conditions first. Then, navigate to your email invitation to test the app or use the link here.

Once the build is downloaded, launch the app as usual.

What new features can I expect?

As it’s been a while since our last iOS release, we tried to pack it with everything that’s already available on Android. The list is quite vast, but some highlights include:

  • New Wombat Prime features
  • Support for $WOMBAT as a payout token
  • A complete overhaul of the referral page
  • Purchasing options enabled for all tokens, not just EOS

We hope this will recompense for the reduced experience our iOS users have been getting until today. Enjoy an all-new app — while we continue working with Apple to resume the releases.

Join The Wombat Family!

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