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The Heart of Pixygon: Characters & Vision

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This article is published on behalf of Pixygon

Hey, everyone! It’s Pixygon, and today, we are pleased to provide you with a deeper insight into our projects.

Pixygon stands as a modest independent studio, bound together by a fundamental principle that resonates profoundly within indie studios — the relentless pursuit of self-improvement and innovation. It can be likened to a sandbox, where everyone strives to construct their unique creations. In addition, we do not want to rush, so we want to do everything slowly and correctly, in an attempt to demonstrate the value of NFTs in gaming to a broader gaming market.

In a more concrete sense, Pixygon embodies an expansive alchemic realm, replete with diverse continents, inhabitants, and, naturally, a rich tapestry of characters that serve as the driving force behind our storytelling.

Pixiel Dreadwager

If you are aware of us, among them are familiar faces such as Pixiel, enigmatic inhabitants from Pixiel Dreadwager, the mysterious Old Wizard, hundreds of animas, and several unnamed characters glimpsed through our trailers, memes, and Twitter screenshots!

The expanse of our universe is truly substantial, marked by historical conflicts among diverse peoples within the Amebrak region, where the narrative of Pixiel and Anima unfolds. It is a tale much told, yet far from complete. However, anticipate the imminent release of Pixygon Infinite, which promises to expand our universe further.

Nevertheless, our presence in the gaming world has been amplified by our ongoing project — the Pixygon μ — a virtual gaming console that offers a nostalgic old-school experience on your phone, web browser, and, in the future, on Windows/MacOS devices! Soon, it will offer an extensive selection of games, as we are currently in the process of creating four great titles. In the interim, you can immerse yourself in the gaming experiences of Pixiel Original and Kuma Fruit Fields, exclusively available on the Pixygon μ.

Pixiel Original

Pixiel Original narrates the journey of a mysterious robot named Pixiel as he traverses the vast landscapes of Amebrak in search of his purpose. To unveil the reasons behind the unfolding events that compel Pixiel on this odyssey, players must navigate through twelve platformer-like levels spanning four continents, defeating hordes of angry enemies that were distorted by corruption.

Kuma Fruit Fields

Kuma Fruit Fields is an action-farming simulator, set in the picturesque Tokuma Village. Your mission entails the restoration of the village and the revival of its productive capacity, previously devastated by malevolent zombies that fed on cursed fruit. Yes, you got it right; you need to defend citizens and yourself from being captured by angry zombies.

Pixygon Micro (μ)

Pixygon Micro (μ) also offers a wide array of diverse skins for you to use in the game, including characters from the Token Girls, LewdMomoko, Ducking Fuzz, Atomikings universes, and many more.

Are you an artist? Seize the chance to display your skills by crafting a distinctive Faceplate for our console. Got an innovative game idea? Let’s bring it to life! You can even ask us to design a skin for your top micro game. Dive deeper into these opportunities on our website!

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