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The Ape Gold Chronicles: A Tale of Treasure, Transformation, and Triumph

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This article is published on behalf of WAX Ape Rave Club

Echoes of the Jungle

Deep within the heart of the jungle lies a legend so captivating it has united WAX Apes and tribe members in a quest for gold and potential rewards of up to 90,000 WAXP for the top-ranked Ape Gold Coin. The story recounts the brave expedition of Apefather and Apeman, who delved deep into the jungle’s abyss to uncover a long-lost hoard of 10,000 Ape Gold Coins. These ancient relics, tokens of our tribe’s illustrious past, have been brought back into the light, ready to be claimed once again by the worthy.

Dive into the intricacies of this tale by reading the full story on Discord here.

Gems of Significance

The Ape Gold Coin is no ordinary treasure. It boasts twenty-eight meticulously crafted sockets, each intended to house a variety of glimmering gems. Through the sands of time, some of these precious gems may have drifted away, bestowing upon each coin a narrative as unique as the gem configuration it holds.

A breakdown of the gems and their odds of appearance:

  • Diamond (A rarity, gracing only 5% of coins)
  • Ruby (10%)
  • Emerald (15%)
  • Sapphire (20%)
  • Amethyst (25%)
  • No Gem (Quite commonplace at 25%)

Yet, it’s not just the gems that differentiate one coin from another. The coins themselves bear the marks of time and fate:

  • Mint: As if untouched by time, found in 10%
  • Excellent: Lightly kissed by age, found in 20%
  • Good: With tales of past glories, 30%
  • Poor: Worn, yet still radiant, seen in 40%

For those looking to infuse new life into their coin’s gem collection, there is a tantalizing prospect of re-rolling the gems through various crafting opportunities, using resources like Astral Apes, Experimental Bananas, or even other Ape Gold Coins.

Crafting Timeline and Opportunities

Securing an Ape Gold Coin is merely the beginning of a thrilling odyssey:

  • Day 1 (September 26th): Distribution Day — The day every tribe member has been waiting for. Secure your Ape Gold Coin here.
  • Day 2 (September 27th): The Mystic Merge — Experience the mystical Coin Fusion Ritual. Watch as two Ape Gold Coins merge, revealing new gem arrangements here.
  • Day 3 (September 28th): Apehuasca Potion Craft — Plunge into the secrets of the Apehuasca Potion and harness the Experimental Bananas to enhance your coin here.
  • Day 4 (September 29th): An Enigmatic Change — Witness the power of the Astral Apes’ Enchantment Ceremony here.

Crafting Caution: Remember, in this craft of alchemy, the leftmost ingredient holds the key. It becomes the transformed Ape Gold Coin, inheriting the best of both worlds, while the rightmost coin’s gems fade into legend.

The Grand Event — The Great Gold Race

The stakes have never been higher as the grand Ape Gold distribution event looms. On Tuesday, September 26th, at 1 PM EST, for a mere 100 WAXP, you have a golden shot at acquiring an Ape Gold Coin. But the allure does not end there; those who employ their crafting skills with mastery stand to reap tremendous rewards for each Ape Gold Coin that makes it to the coveted Top 100.

The reward structure is as follows:

  • #1: 9% (up to 90,000 WAXP)
  • #2: 6% (up to 60,000 WAXP)
  • #3: 4.6% (up to 46,000 WAXP)
  • #4: 3.1% (up to 31,000 WAXP)
  • #5: 2.6% (up to 26,000 WAXP)
  • #6: 2.2% (up to 22,000 WAXP)
  • #7: 1.8% (up to 18,000 WAXP)
  • #8: 1.4% (up to 14,000 WAXP)
  • #9: 1% (up to 10,000 WAXP)
  • #10: 0.8% (up to 8,000 WAXP)
  • #11–20: 0.4% each (up to 4,000 WAXP)
  • #21–50: 0.25% each (up to 2,500 WAXP)
  • #51–100: 0.1% each (up to 1,000 WAXP)

The rewards are handsome, and the glory is eternal. Rise to the occasion, harness the power of your crafts, and etch your name in golden history!

As the Full Moon rises on October 28th, the climax of this epic saga will unfold, revealing the champions of this grand race. The chosen few will not only etch their names in the annals of history but will also bask in the wealth of their achievements.

Get an Ape Gold Coin & secure your legacy here.

Distribution of Revenue

This grand endeavor is not just about individual glory. A significant 50% of the event’s proceeds are earmarked for the top 100 Ape Gold Coin crafters. Another 10% fortifies the Tribal Treasury, a tribute to all OG WAX Ape trailblazers. And, in a gesture of unity, 100% of secondary market fees are dedicated to strengthening the Tribal Treasury.

The drums of destiny beat, the sands of the hourglass flowing. As the Great Gold Race approaches, it beckons every tribe member to strategize, marshal their resources, and brace for the ultimate challenge. Who will rise? Who will claim their place among legends? The stage is set; let the chronicles continue!

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