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Syndicate Underground Issue #12

Escrito el 18-10-2023 por
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Prepare to embark on a journey around the six Planetary Syndicates in the latest installment of the Syndicate Underground. This edition features interesting collaborations between Veles, Kavian, and the IPF, resulting in several intriguing developments and exclusive Alien Worlds-themed SWAG. Discover the Adventure crafted by Naron and Mission Control, showcasing the newest addition to Mission Control’s impressive lineup of products. Eyeke’s commitment to community is evident as their Community Council takes shape and Magor, on the other hand, has its sights set on the intrepid landowners of their unique Planet.

But before we dive into the latest developments, it’s important to remember that the Planetary Syndicates are powered by individuals just like you. Take the first step toward making your mark in the metaverse — create a profile and become a candidate, or support your favorite candidate’s agenda today!

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