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Starship: Beyond —  A Mobile Retro Action RPG by Metasource Games

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Starship: Beyond — A Mobile Retro Action RPG by Metasource Games

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Understanding the Setting & Lore of Starship: Beyond

In Starship: Beyond, you are a citizen aboard the “Homeship” known as the Beyond. The Beyond travels through the universe from planet to planet in its never-ending journey through the stars!

Ihe Beyond isn’t looking for a new home, it IS home! The ship was built long ago by the ancestors of those who now inhabit it, and almost everything it does is highly automated. The ship repairs itself, handles crew quarters and maintenance, has automated food preparation and distribution and more. As a result of this heavily automated system, the citizens of the Beyond have lost much of their understanding of how the ship works, having grown reliant on its incredible abilities!

One thing that the ship lacks the ability to do for itself is to gather resources. In order to make sure that the citizens of the Beyond did not grow too complacent from the automations, and to avoid causing significant damage to the worlds it visits, citizens of the Beyond are tasked with going down to the planets’ surface and gathering raw materials that the ship can use. Citizens are awarded with Star Credits, or STARC, by the ship whenever they return their daily gathered supplies.

Every Earth-Month the Beyond leaves behind the planet it orbits, never to return, and moves on to another planet with new challenges and landscapes to explore!


Players embark on missions to the orbited planet to fight off hostile aliens and collect supplies like ores and plants. Levels are partially randomly generated and feature enemies and bosses to fight along the way.

Come prepared! The player will need a weapon and armor at least and may need to bring other consumable supplies or accessories to make their mission a success. The weapon, armor, and accessory choice give the player a loadout of skills that they use during the mission to help them succeed.

Choose wisely, and beware of taking on a level that is too difficult for your skill or gear level! The Beyond protects its citizens with an emergency withdrawal system that will return them to the ship if their health reaches a critical level, but any supplies collected during that mission will be permanently lost, and gear will be damaged and may require repairs.


The game will feature a seasonal system in the form of traveling to new planets each month. Players will be able to impact what planet the Beyond travels to next via social voting systems, both in-game and organically through normal social channels like discord or twitter. Love the idea of a planet in the list? Convince your fellow players to vote for it! Players can also spend STARC to campaign and influence the vote of “NPCs” (non-player citizens) that live aboard the Beyond, which acts as a resource sink for the game’s internal currency.

New planets offer new landscapes and coloring, along with new modifiers for the players to deal with. A planet might have higher than normal gravity which would slow down the player’s base movement speed, or might have enemies that have been bathed in solar radiation that causes them to explode on death! You never know what you might encounter.

Every new planet will also feature new opportunities. With the seasonal pass active, players will be able to access planet-specific loot resources instead of generic, which will open up the ability to craft unique gear and consumables. Each season will have something new for the players to deal with, and special consumables that were unique to a planet could become extremely useful in future planets!

The Game & its Connections to WAX

The game is intended to be playable by anyone, even if they do not wish to connect a wallet, but there’s fun perks if you choose to. Gear crafted by players will be tradable in game, but also can be exported to the WAX Blockchain as an NFT! Players are free to do anything they wish with their NFTs, including trading or selling them on the open market, sending them to friends, or saving them for a new planet.

The game will also feature a way to swap other players STARC for WAX and has a built-in resource sink for its internal currency by allowing players to receive a payout in WAX from the game’s resource wallet in exchange for STARC.


The crafting of gear and consumable is an optional gameplay element in Starship: Beyond. Players can opt to sell resources they gather on planets to buy everything they need from the ship or other players. To access crafting, you’ll need an Astral Forge!

With access to crafting, players can make consumables and gear for their own use or for supplying others, and can optionally customize their gameplay further by using seasonal planet-specific resources to craft unique planet exclusives!

What can you expect from the Demo?

In our demo, you can choose from 3 basic weapon styles that determine your basic attack and your secondary ability. Your choices are between the Axe, the Bow, and the E-rifle. Primitive weapons are easier to use, but more and more advanced weapon styles will become available as the game and players progress!

You may also independently choose between 3 armor abilities, a defensive shield, a fire blast, or a cold burst. This gives the player options to build their favorite loadout and see a tiny piece of what the game will have to offer on release.

The goal for the demo will be pretty simple: players will play through a series of levels to fight progressively more difficult bosses, and if they can advance through to the end, they win! No experience will ever be identical with our random generation, and players will be able to replay the game as much as they wish during this stage to test different loadouts and see all the game has to offer. There is no permanent progression or NFT integration available during the first stages of the demo, so just play to have fun!

Interested in playing?

Our Demo will be available to any player who purchases a Founder’s Badge! Within the next few weeks, our first sales will be offering these badges at a discount. The Founder’s Badge will offer a lot of exciting perks at launch, including access to the Astral Forge, a number of season passes, and some exclusive starting gear.

We’ll be hosting drops on both WAX and OpenSea and will accept a large variety of currency types as payment, including simple credit card purchases for ease of access.

Make sure to check out our whitepaper, linked below, to learn more about specific details of the game!

If you’re ready to learn more and join our community, follow us on Twitter and jump into Discord! Welcome, Citizen. We’re excited to bring you aboard the Beyond.

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