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Spielworks and Qorbi World — a match made in gaming heaven

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Spielworks and Qorbi World — a match made in gaming heaven

Hello everyone!

You may have seen on Wombat’s socials a few days back that we’ve partnered with Qorbi World — a robust multi-title esports ecosystem with a true play-to-earn foundation at heart. We were deliberately modest with the details so far, but now, we feel, is the best moment to reveal why we are excited to work with Qorbi World — and what you can expect to get out of this partnership.

What is Qorbi World?

Qorbi World is a Web3 gaming ecosystem focusing on building fun and competitive cross-platform games, syndicated by Qor Gaming. Besides heavy leaning on creating engaging gameplay, Qorbi tackles the broad issue of accessibility in two major directions — publishing on PC and mobile devices and giving everyone interacting with Qorbi World different ways of co-creating value.


Qorbi World unites, through its futuristic setting, three titles:

  • One Tap (beta) — a competitive, snappy and thrilling shooter, launched on PC and, in a few months, on mobile as well
  • Roam — details TBA
  • Brawl — details TBA

Another huge part of Qorbi World is the introduction of Qorbs, unique NFT characters limited to a finite supply of 60000. Each Qorb possesses a distinct set of characteristics, known as the Qor Gene, that incentivizes players to try out fighters, power them up, and adapt their strategies to keep the enemies on their toes.

Qorbs create a charged dynamic duo with the fungible ecosystem asset — the $QORBI token. It powers player interactions with the games, the bigger ecosystem and with each other in a holistic fashion, tying up the Web3 components of Qorbi World into a robust play-to-earn build. Which brings us to the next point…

What makes it true play-to-earn?

To us, Qorbi World is a model gaming ecosystem that comes extremely close to the play-to-earn concept like how many people ideally imagine it. Not everybody interacts with GameFi titles as a player — something we have long seen since the Axie Infinity times. Few studios, however, managed to find an intricate balance between low entry barriers for gamers and actually rewarding multifaceted engagement with the games that Web3 aims to champion. So how does Qorbi World manage to achieve it?

For players

Qorbi World makes a conscious effort to keep its ecosystem accessible — meaning, their games stay free to play. And once you tap into it, there are many ways to thrive in this ecosystem.

  • Skill-based rewards. With the esports focus at its core, Qorbi World dedicated 53% of the $QORBI token supply to reward players with exceptional performance in the games. That means you will get your hands on the token without even taking part in the public sale that is rumored to launch in a few months.
    Besides that, there’s also a little extra for using the token on the Qor marketplace. If you want to ensure you’re on top of your game, there are plenty of multipliers coming from game passes and pets, so there is definitely room for tipping the scale a bit more in your favor — if you keep your wits about you in action.
  • Staking. Locking your $QORBI earnings yields a small portion of the tokens on top. That comes with an interesting twist because that doesn’t only come from staking the tokens directly.

For Qorb owners

Here’s the thing — with the rise of the scholarship model, it became even more so prominent that people playing the game and people holding in-game assets are not always the same. Some do it for purely speculative purposes, some like the artwork, some see a collector’s value in those — the reasons are many. One thing is clear — before scholarships became a thing, these people were effectively cut out of any way of meaningfully engaging with GameFi ecosystems.

Qorbi World elevates scholarships by making it a two-component system:

  • Pledging. A classic NFT lending example — by pledging your Qorb, you allow other players to use it — and you share their victory spoils!
  • Staking. When you pledge a Qorb, you gain ‘weight’ in the $QORBI rewards proportional to your NFT stake. The more Qorbs you pledge, the bigger are the gains!

For the token holders

The careful bystanders may focus just on the token — which is not a bad thing per se. If you just want to hold the $QORBI token, consider this:

  • Deflationary by nature through limited supply and regular burns with a plan spreading through three years ahead.
  • In addition to burns, Qorbi World will be actively removing tokens from circulation to reward Qorb owners, making sure that the liquidity is not spreading thin and that the asset is put to use within the ecosystem.
  • Strong focus on transparency and limited feeding of the token through extensive vesting periods, DAO formations for decision-making and progressive adjustment scale as the number of players increases.

If that piqued your interest, please check out the Qorbi World white paper.

How can I play any of the Qor Gaming games?

Currently, Qorbi World has One Tap live in its beta iteration — a 1v1 action-packed FPS with a one-winner-takes-all match system. Supercharged with unique helpful assets, a variety of weapons to choose from and a multi-class pet system, One Tap offers you a lot of ways to turn the tide of the battle. Spread across five maps with varied level design, your tactical skills will truly be put to the test.


Qor Gaming’s team members will reveal more about the gameplay and what you can get during our special AMA next Monday at 18:00 CET on our Twitch channel.

You can download One Tap on your PC or laptop directly from the game’s website — or stay tuned for when it gets listed on Wombat. Spoiler alert — this will happen very soon!

The shooter is also preparing for a mobile release this Summer. So if you cannot give it a go now, the addictive FPS is practically at your fingertips — and it’s definitely worth the wait.

Wrapping it up…

We could keep listing what we find amazing about Qorbi World to you, but we’re certain you will get to appreciate our new partners in many ways. With all the right synergies in place, we firmly believe that together, we can set a new standard of Web3 gaming for years ahead, and we’re excited to have all of you with us on this incredible journey. We will follow up with many news and updates in the coming weeks. But don’t take our word for it — play One Tap and join their Discord server to see the potential of Qorbi World first-hand.

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