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Season 16 is full of updates!

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Hello Dungeoneers!

It’s Sweet 16 in Dungeon Master, and this season, you better get ready to get even more close and personal with your clanmates on your own Base!

Sprinkled with a few other tweaks here and there, we’re preparing for Season 16 with one of the biggest new features in recent months — and we’re really looking forward to seeing the Clan Bases tower high in the depth of the dungeons — hopefully, with no balrogs around.

What’s a Clan Base?

Clan Base is the center of operations for Dungeon Master Clans, where they converse, accumulate resources and in the future (potentially!) — where they plan raids, vote on important matters within the clan and many more.

Clan Bases are a cooperative effort, requiring Karma and materials for initial construction and upgrades — which will be accumulated on a Clan balance open for every member to see and check.

Upon release, Clan Bases can only be expanded to two buildings:

  • The Burrow — your main hub and the foundation of your base
  • The Bank — a source of returns on donated materials and Karma. The more you hold in your treasury, the more you get back!

To open your Clan Base, your clan will need two things:

  • 100k Karma
  • Burrow NFT

Like any other structure on your base, the Burrow NFT can be assembled via blueprints. One such building NFT needs 30 Blueprints to blend. One Blueprint requires six Blueprint Pieces. We will be dropping the Pieces soon on AtomicHub, so no worries — all of you will be able to start making a home for your clan early in the season.

The drop for Blueprint bits is set for February 20, 16:00 UTC, and is already created on AtomicHub.

More detailed information on all the upgrading requirements and Bank mining stats will be available on the ‘Learn More’ page shortly.

Collections voting!

A new season is traditionally the time to pick NFT collections to make a brilliant debut in Dungeon Master. Voting will open today. This time around, we ask you to cast your vote by wax or polygon for one of these:

  • weaponsfirst
  • waxitalianft
  • rareruggapes
  • dbrokendollz
  • jumbiewaxart
  • quackingwaxx
  • dogzillawoof
  • vicatuniques
  • Space-mavericks Ogami-mavericks

So if you’ve staked $WOMBAT tokens either on Polygon or WAX, make sure to pick a favorite that you think should get into Season 16. If you don’t have $WOMBAT tokens yet, you can earn them by playing in Wombat, swap other tokens for some $WOMBAT on Uniswap, Apebond or Alcor — and, of course, buy the asset on Kucoin.

All the small things

Apart from these two bigger new entries, we’re also making a few minor adjustments. To you as players, the more relevant are:

  • The price of the ‘Help all’ and ‘Power Bar’ features will change to 500 $WOMBAT
  • Blossom, Beast, Clear Blue and Atomic Wombatiums will be removed from the in-game shop.
  • Bee Wombatium (allows you to make a specific fragment blend instead of receiving a random pack) and Season 16 Pass Pack have been added to the in-game shop.
  • The XP gain caps will be increased — the exact values and run durations to be defined.
  • You can now blend fragments into Banker’s or Professor’s sets

Wrapping it up

We’re very excited about the Clan Base feature, and we hope this will be the starting point for the massive multiplayer expansion of the game. We can definitely envision clan raids or trade between clans in the future — but for now, it’s thrilling to be taking this first step.

We hope you will like the new updates and, as always, are open to feedback across our socials and on our Discord server.

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