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Pixels & Dungeons a pixel art rpg in WAX

Escrito el 23-11-2023 por waxhispano
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Pixels & Dungeons a pixel art rpg in WAX

Waxhispano has been developing its own game on the WAX blockchain for some time now, almost a year after the first game concept we have a beta that will be launched this December 2023.

The game is based on Dungeons & Dragons pixel art version, we can use a hero, equip him and send him on adventures in the imaginary town of Ravenshore. In the town tavern the adventurer can find missions on a bulletin board and in these adventures he will get tokens and non-fungible tokens.

But this is not all, in the tavern itself there is a mini-game where we can bet our tokens and also a 2D arena to fight monsters from the DnD universe.

This December a closed beta will be opened for investors who have purchased the pass and in January 2024 it will be opened to the public after having resolved possible errors that appear during the beta.

This pass that you can find on NFThive for 100 waxp not only gives you the right to early access to the game, you also get discounts on both internal purchases and future drops.

After this first phase where we will only have the quest system, the development of the following phases will begin, which we will now describe:

  1. First phase: quest system
  2. Second phase: 2D arena
  3. Third phase: Land management

The development of the 2D game is underway but it does not have the necessary quality to be present in this first phase so we prefer to focus on the various game systems individually once possible errors have been resolved. In this way, once the quest system has no problems, we will focus on the second phase and so on.

How to get money in the game?

We have a drop of coin bags on NFTHive, when purchasing one of these bags the process is as follows, you must transfer the NFT to the game account with the memo "pixelbag" and when entering the game the transaction and 500 coins will be verified will be transferred to your account.

The combats are a challenge and the enemies grow in power as your hero levels up, therefore it will always be necessary to buy healing potions in the Ravenshore store. You can take these potions while you play.

Leveling up

As you complete adventures you earn experience points and gain levels. When you reach a new level in your inventory you will be asked to distribute a random number of skill points between your statistics, thus achieving better modifiers in fights or dice rolls. Additionally, when you reach a new level you will be rewarded with a new reward box that you must open with a key. Keys can be purchased or earned as loot in adventures.

What do I do with my earnings?

Along your way you will obtain fungible and non-fungible tokens in banking, you can withdraw your tokens directly to your wallet. As for the NFTs, for now collect them in subsequent updates, it is expected that the banker will buy the gems at the market price which continually fluctuates in price.

In a few days the first drop will be launched with a hero, a weapon, a shield and a bag of coins to start your journey in Pixels & Dungeons, initial investors will receive this pack for free.

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