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New Venue Labs Recipes

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distribution system will increase decentralization and lead to a shared economy within Taco.

As a result, we are excited to share with you this crucial second step which we are going to release in the following days/weeks!

New Recipes

In this new release, we are going to add the following recipes:

  • Upgrade Gear (Uncommon to Mythic)
  • Craft Gear Packs
  • Upgrade Skins (Uncommon to Mythic)

Upgrade Gear

We have always stated that the only craftable Gear were the Mythics. However, the community has requested multiple times for the ability to upgrade all the other ones.

In response, we held a poll asking if players should be able to upgrade Acryptia Gear like they can with Brigade Equipment. The community expressed a 70% majority in favor of allowing players to upgrade their Gear.

As a result, we have decided to implement this feature.

Gear Upgrade Requirements

ℹ️ Players will have a 100% success rate when upgrading their Gear, which could be either Body or Head gear.

✅ You don’t need Ta-cores for this recipe.

And, of course, on top of the Gear chain, we are releasing… 6 Mythics ❣️

Craft Gear Packs

Because of the fantastic addition of Gear Upgrades, we want to put everyone in the condition of chasing one or more Mythics by having the chance of crafting Gear packs!

Gear Packs Requirements

  • 5 Common Crafting Items
  • 4 Uncommon Crafting Items
  • 3 Rare Crafting Items
  • 2 Epic Crafting Items
  • 1 Legendary Crafting Item
  • 300,000 SHING
  • Venue Lab Fee

ℹ️ Players will have 100% success rate when crafting Gear Packs. Inside Series 2 Gear Packs you will find either Head or Body gear, with the following odds:

  • Common, 60,00%
  • Uncommon, 28,00%
  • Rare, 8,00%
  • Epic, 3,00%
  • Legendary, 1,00%

✅ You don’t need Ta-cores for this recipe.

📅 Series 2 Pack Craft will be closed before the start of Acryptia Season 4.

Skins Upgrade

As always, Taco creates multiple purposes for each NFT schema. Skins are no exception, and thanks to Venue Labs and Acryptia PvP, we will be adding more than one in the near future.

For this reason, we want to give everyone the opportunity to upgrade their Skins.

ℹ️ Players will have a 100% success rate when upgrading their Skins.

✅ You don’t need Ta-cores for this recipe.

⚠️ At the end of Acryptia Season 3, Series One Skins will no longer be distributed. The Series One collection will only be available in existing Series One packs.

Acryptia Season 3 Raffle 🎉

We are very excited to announce the first Skin Raffle, linked to the Skins Upgrade.

At the end of Acryptia Season 3, we will host a Season 3 Raffle with amazing prizes worth more than 5,000 WAX worth.

Requirements for the Acryptia Season 3 Raffle:

  • You must own at least one Legendary or one Mythic Skin.
  • Each Legendary Skin in your wallet will give you one entry.
  • Each Mythic Skin in your wallet will give you five entries.

How to obtain Legendary Skins:

  1. Through Small Skin Packs

2. Through Skins Upgrade

How to obtain Mythic Skins:

  1. Final Prize of Acryptia Season 3
  2. Through Skins Upgrade

Season 3 Raffle Prizes 🎁

  • 1 Automator Whale Pack (1500+ WAX)
  • 2 Legendary Gear (1200+ WAX)
  • 3 Epic Gear (1500+ WAX)
  • 4 Town Extractors (1000 WAX)
  • 30 Taco Universe Packs (120 WAX)

A greater role for Crafting Items

As you can see from this second Venue Labs update, crafting Items are essential not only for Brigade, but also for improving Gear, crafting Gear Packs, and obtaining rare Skins.

We are gradually rolling out all their use cases, and you can expect them to be central to future Venue Labs updates.

Crafting Items can be found in Taco Universe Packs, with the following odds:

Useful Links

Gear: You can find Gear NFTs here, and Gear Packs here.
Skins: You can find Skin NFTs here, and Skin Packs here.
Crafting Items: You can find Crafting Items here, and Taco Universe Packs here.
SHING: You can swap for SHING tokens here.

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