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New player joins the Spielworks team: say hello to Wasder!

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Hello everyone! With Christmas approaching, everyone is starting to build shopping list for presents and whatnot… Our parent company decided to not wait for another month to bring a big, B I G present to you though 😉

Say hello to the new player in our team — Wasder — a brilliant social platform for gamers packed with all you need to have tons of fun — battle passes, content sharing, matchmaking, chat and many more!

With Wasder, Spielworks aims to create the social fabric of the Wombat ecosystem, enhancing connections between games, players, and digital asset trades. Simultaneously, Spielworks aims to utilize its expertise in building deflationary & community-empowering tokenomics to bolster Wasder.gg’s existing $WAS token. Pending further developments, $WAS holders can expect:

  • A staking mechanism with VIP perks for participants.
  • Exclusive NFT collections, only available for purchase with $WAS. These NFTs will have utility as profile pictures within the Wasder app.
  • A burn policy utilizing liquidity pool (LP) fees from asset trading.

Moving forward, Spielworks intends to capitalize on its established partnerships with DeFi projects and Wasder.gg’s reach to scale both the $WOMBAT and $WAS exposure to those interested in gaming-related utility assets.

“It was always my goal for Wasder to benefit as many players and game creators as possible”, says Thomas Grønnevik, CEO & Founder of Wasder. “I strongly believe that Spielworks is perfectly suited to be the biggest Web3 game publisher in the world in the years to come. Building Wasder over the last 6 years has been one of the big honors of my life. It feels good to see what we have built being taken over by an experienced team with a proven track record — who believes in creating fun, inclusive and rewarding player experiences.

I also look forward to working alongside Adrian and the rest of the Spielworks team to create a Web3 gaming ecosystem that will grow to show millions of people what web3 games can be.“

For Spielworks itself, the acquisition means a transformative move towards a full-service ecosystem meeting all the needs of modern-day gamers. Adding another proprietary token to its suite will also allow the company to create unparalleled use cases involving both assets for a stronger in-app economy across all its products.

Adrian Krion, the CEO and co-founder of Spielworks, shares his excitement about exploring the potential of synergies between Wasder and Wombat. “We have always envisioned Wombat as a place of connectivity and discovery. With the acquisition of AtomicHub a few months ago and now Wasder, we’ve added the missing pieces to our complete Web3 gaming ecosystem and grew it to exceed 7 million users. The $WAS token will also play a crucial role in how we want to reward players for their achievements and interactions — among many other things, and we are beyond excited to build an unprecedented dual-token ecosystem that unites both brands”.

Wrapping it up…

As you can imagine, we are very excited about the prospects of building with and upon Wasder as part of one of the fastest-growing entertainment ecosystems in Web3 gaming. There will be a series of AMA’s as we all get to know each other, so tune in on:

  • Monday, Nov 27. Adrian’s Tavern stream with a special appearance from Thomas at 5 PM CET/4 PM UTC.
  • Tuesday, Nov 28. A Twitter space with Olga & Thomas at 6 PM CET/5 PM UTC.
  • Wednesday, Nov 29. A written TG chat in Wasder’s TG group — time to be confirmed.

Today marks a huge step for us towards fulfilling the vision we’ve always had for Wombat and for you, our players. The transition time, as always, will be a bit rocky — so please, don’t hesitate to utilize these AMA’s, and also ping us whenever if you have any questions.

With 💘,

The Wombat Team

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