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New gear structure in Dungeon Master!

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Hello Dungeoneers!

For a while now, we’ve been teasing an entirely new items system that comes with a complete overhaul of sets, packs and even how we do drops. Today is the day — the Professor drop is going live soon, and we are unveiling the mystery behind how items are going to work in Dungeon Master moving forward.

Current drop: The Professor’s Set

Timeline: Dec. 19 — indefinitely

What is the new items system?

From now on, items will be focused on a particular kind of boost — for example, all items in the Professor’s set will boost XP, the Runner’s set will increase the speed of dungeon runs and so on.

Similarly to how it was before, the boosts will grow with levels and rarity. That takes us to the next point — how to get the items outside of the drops.

Where can I get higher-level gear?

Higher-level gear can be blended using a 3+1 formula: three of the same item plus one special Wombatium. The Wombatiums can be obtained from the set packs with a 20% chance. So for example, in order to blend a level 2 Professor Hat, you would need three level one Hats and a Bug Wombatium. Once the blends are all set, we will naturally announce it.

Later on, the Wombatiums will also be made available through the shop, and we may add the gear pieces separately to reward chests or distribute those via giveaway, singularly or in packs.

What about the drop changes?

The set drops will take place consequently, every week. We will announce which set goes next in time — you’re in no way obligated to jump on the current one if you’re interested in a specific boost a set can provide.

Wrapping it up…

We hope that these changes will make more sense, bringing a more systematic approach to how you create your ultimate wombat build. We’re excited to see which set will be the most popular among you — and of course, as always, we’re looking forward to your feedback on the new feature!

Get the current drop

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