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Introducing: Expanded Lore A New Frontier for Explorers!

Escrito el 22-11-2023 por
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Why Lore?

The heart of any metaverse lies not just in its mechanics, technology, or economy, but also in its stories — the lore that forms the backbone of its existence. The narratives we weave give life, context, and meaning to every action, every planet, and every life form in our expansive universe.

A Proposal by the Federation to all Planetary Syndicates

Meticulously crafted in collaboration with esteemed sci-fi author [REDACTED], this new lore promises to provide an accessible foundation for all creative endeavors in the Alien Worlds ecosystem. Dacoco is excited to present the beginning of a reimagined, more expansive lore for Alien Worlds — one that goes beyond our current narrative and offers a richer backdrop for our shared universe. This tale transcends our current narrative and embroiders a more immersive tapestry for storytelling, portraying the genesis, challenges, and dreams of the unique races within our shared Metaverse, with Trilium at its epicenter.

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