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Combz x Galactic Hubs: Integration of Alien Worlds NFTs As In-Game Rewards

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through the Galactic Hubs program, it promises to bring two leading ecosystems closer together.

Building on the success of Alien Worlds Community x Acryptia battles — set to make a triumphant return this November — the cross-pollination of gaming experiences continues to capture players’ imaginations.

We typically integrate gradually, but this time we’re kicking things off with a bang: players will be able to put their hands on… Alien Worlds Lands 👀

Alien Worlds NFTs — Combz Shop

Combz Shop mockup: figures are only placeholders!

📅 Start claiming now!

Combz is a Web3 strategic idle game with NFTs and AI integration. The game has a shared economy system, where 50% of the revenue generated through Combz drops is distributed back to the community.

In Combz, the core gameplay involves collecting in-game resources to ascend the Season Leaderboard, crafting NFTs, and acquiring NFTs directly from the Combz Shop.

The focal point is the Combz Shop, where players have the unique opportunity to secure up to 200+ Alien Worlds NFTs.

This selection includes diverse kind of in game assets, such as Alien Worlds Lands like the Rocky Desert on Kavian and the Icy Desert on Naron, along with various Items, Gold Shine Arms, Tools, and Crews.

NFT Shop List:

This assortment of NFTs reflects the joint efforts of the Galactic Hubs and Taco to provide every player with a chance of accessing various NFTs that hold significance within the Alien Worlds game.


A Glimpse into the Future

As hinted, stay tuned for more Alien Worlds Community x Acryptia Events on the horizon!

The future holds exciting possibilities, and the gaming community can certainly expect more to come from this dynamic duo.

In the meantime, prepare your Hon, ’cause Alien Worlds NFTs are coming!

Thanks for Reading

We want to thank the Galactic Hubs teams for supporting Combz and the Taco community once again, with the goal of creating valuable gaming events within the WAX ecosystem.

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