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Combz Season 2

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you’ve heard right, we moved to 50% to 70% to make it an even bigger community event!

In the first two Seasons, with 50% of the drop proceeds were allocated to the Season Prize, we collected more than 560,000 WAX 👀 in prize combined, we can’t wait to see what will happen with 70%!

Do you think it’s all?

Not at all! This is the onboarding Seasons: people without Combz NFTs will be able to access easily, thanks to Chainfields Rent 🚀

Let’s dive into this Season 2 teaser!

Season 2 Prize Boost

Combz Season 2 will start on December 5th 📅 and 70% of the drop proceeds are going to be allocated to the Season prize!

But first, it will be time for Season 2 Drop, which will take place on December 1st, starting at 20:00 UTC.

Don’t forget to scroll down the article, as new Drop Whitelist criteria has been released.

The Season will see the launch of a major feature, not only for Combz, but for the entire Taco gaming ecosystem: NFT Rent!

🚀 NFT Rent — Chainfields

Text and figures are placeholders

Players will be able to lend and borrow Chainfields on our gaming dashboard.

This is a major feature because it will allow Taco to replicate it for other Combz NFTs (Workers), but also Acryptia NFTs (Skins and Gear) and Brigade (Equipment) in the future.

Any player can put Chainfields on loan selecting:

  • SHING price (10% get burned)
  • Loan duration
  • Auto-renewal
  • Whitelist

ℹ️ Only Level 200+ Venue Owners can select Whitelist. They can create more than a Whitelist

Relevant information

🔐 Only staked NFTs can be put on loan

⌛ When the loan expires the NFT goes back to its owner (staked)

⚒️ Any Chainfield can be put on loan, also Chainfields with 0 uses left.

⏰ Players can start productions on rented Chainfields only if the Effective Production Time is shorter


  • I have rented a Common Chainfield (6 hours Max Operating Time)
  • The rent expires in 5 hours and 30 minutes
  • I will be able to run a production with an Effective Production Time of 5 hours

ℹ️ To implement this feature we’re going to execute a minor change within the game. In the first two seasons, uses on Chainfields and Workers were counted only after claiming the production. Starting from the next one, uses will be counted when starting the production.

Season 2 Drop, NTT Whitelist, Supply & Packs

📅 Season 2 Drop will take place on December 1st, starting at 20:00 UTC.

👑 70% of the drop proceeds will be allocated to the Season Prize

In the first two Seasons we gave the opportunity of approaching Combz to long time community members.

In the meantime, we also started a process for bringing players from outside the community, by adding more and more packs to Public drops.

In this Season we’re going to continue this process with Rent Chainfields and the new Whitelist.

Season 2 Drop will have only 2 Whitelist and a public drop:

  • VIPs
  • NTT Whitelist Token holders
  • Public Drop

NTT Whitelist Token

There’s no limit on how many Whitelist NTT tokens a player can get through the Combz Shop

From today until December 1st at 11:00 UTC, Combz players can get their NTT Whitelist within the Shop an guarantee themselves not only a Whitelist spot, but also 100% assurance of having their pack reserved!

This means that whoever wants to have their packs can get within Combz their Whitelist NTTs.

Whitelist NTTs stack. Example:

  • My wallet has 1 Whitelist NTT: I have 1 pack of each type reserved during the Drop
  • My wallet has 2 Whitelists NTT: I have 2 packs of each type reserved during the Drop

There is no limits on how many Whitelist NTTs can be bought.

ℹ️ NTTs are not transferable. It means they cannot be sold or transferred to other wallets.

How much the NTT Whitelist token costs?

  • 5,000 Hon and 1,500 Hyperium

⏰ Sale within the Combz Shop expires on December 1st at 11:00 UTC

So, which is going to be the drop supply?

Packs, Whitelists & Supply

📅 Season 2 Drop will take place on December 1st, starting at 20:00 UTC.

For S2 Drop there will be two packs available:

  • Big Pack, contains 11 NFTs, 53$: 10 Spacecombs, 0.90% Worker, 0.10% of pulling a Chainfield
  • Whale Pack, contains 16 NFTs, 79$: 1 Chainfield and 15 Spacecombs

Rarity Odds Scheme

Chainfields/Spacecombs Odds

Workers Odds

Whitelist & Supply

  • Taco VIP Drop will start at 20:00 UTC, VIP holders drop window will last 20 minutes, with 1 max claim for each pack, no resets.
  • Whitelist NTT Drop will start at 20:00 UTC, Whitelist NTT holders drop window will last 20 minutes, with 1 max claim for each pack, no resets.
  • Public Drop will start at 20:30 UTC. During public drop everyone will have 1 claim max for each pack, with 15 seconds claim resets.

In S2 we’re going to have two different Packs: Combz S2 Big Pack and Combz S2 Whale Pack.

The drop supply will be:

  • 100 Big Packs & 100 Whale Packs available for the VIP Whitelist
  • n Big Packs & n Whale Packs available for the NTT Whitelist

ℹ️ n depends on the amount of NTT Whitelist tokens minted. The NTT can be minted within Combz shop for 5,000 Hon and 1,500 Hyperium.

  • 50 Big Packs & 50 Whale packs available in public, plus all the unsold packs of the VIP and NTT Whitelist rounds

🕐 After one hour the public drop will close!

🔢 The supply during the public drops depend on the NTT Whitelist tokens minted.

⏰ VIP Drop & NTT Whitelist Drop will start at the same time and will be opened for 20 minutes. Public Drop will start 30 minutes later.

Referral Code
During the drop, creators and community leaders can leverage their referral codes to earn 10% of each purchase made through that link!!

  • Level 200+ Venue Owners
  • Influencers selected by the Taco Team for marketing purposes

ℹ️ How to apply as a referral candidate as an Influencer? Open a Ticket on Taco Discord in which you ask the opportunity to have your own referral code, linking your social platforms.

✅ The Taco Team reserves the right to accept or refuse proposals based on the amount and the activity of the influencer’s communities.

S2 Chainfields & Spacecombs
List to be announced

S2 Recast & Shop
Recast & Shop features will work exactly as during Season 1. Recast will be shut down on December 1st and will be opened on December 4th. Same date are applied for Combz Redeem Token blend.

Shop will open one week after S2 launch and won’t contain packs, but x1, x2, x3 Spacecombs, and x1 Spacecombs with a specific resource in output.

📅 Combz S2 Calendar

November 28th: Season 1 End
November 30th: Season 1 Prize Assignment
November 30th: NTT Whitelist Purchase End
November 30th: Combz S2 Drop Snapshot 📸
December 1st: Combz S2 Drop
December 4th: Recast Opens
December 5th: Combz S2 Launch
December 12th: S2 Shop Opens
December 26th: S2 Shop Closes
January 1st: Happy New Year
January 2nd: Season 2 End