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Combz — The New Taco Game

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game, based on NFTs and integrated with AI 🚀

Furthermore, with Combz we’ve decided to move to a shared economy system: 50% of the revenue generated through Combz will be distributed to the community!

Strategic Idle Game powered by NFTs & AI

Combz is a strategic idle game, in which you have to make the most of your cosmic hive and efficiently create resources: Space Bees don’t accept waste!

How strategy and efficiency are linked to an idle game?

Because Combz makes use of NFTs, which are as powerful as automated. You will only need to setup them, and they will take care of producing you precious resources.

These NFTs are:

  • Spacecombs: Automated machineries which produce resources
  • Chainfields: Space yards where Spacecombs resources are maximized and stored
Beautiful and precious Spacecombs 😍

As mentioned before, the game is also integrated with AI.

Every now and then, in your cosmic hive random events generated by AI will happen.

These events can: boost the production of one or more resources, reduce production of one or more resources, etc.

Don’t mess with AI!

No Chainfields, no 🐝 party

Shared Economy and Community

With Combz we’re also introducing a new shared economy system.

We’re going to distribute 50% of the revenues generated by each Combz drop to the community!

Taco will keep only the game maintenance costs. Why?

Because in this way we’re going to reward community members, attract more players and create a fun and different gaming ecosystem.

For what concerns existing Taco products, Combz will bring:

  • New use cases for ONI
  • New Venues services and perks

Combz Redeem Token

While you’re here, we want to tell you what you’re going to claim through the Acryptia Season Pass at Level 30, 33 and 35.

It’s a Combz Redeem Token, which you will be able to craft into a Spacecomb NFT with the help of 1 Crafting Item, immediately after the game release!

🍯 🐝

What’s Next?

In the following weeks we’re going to publish the Game Document, in which we’re also going to share with you relevant information about launch, mechanics and drops.

Stay tuned, earn you Combz Redeem Tokens on Acryptia and don’t forget to follow Combz on Tw…X!