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Combz — Season 0 Live Now

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started! 🐝

After only 4 days since the first ever Combz Drop — which by the way went sold out in less than a minute 😮 — we are releasing the game!

We think that releasing game right after drops, and not after years, is something that can make an impact in Web3, and change the narrative of blockchain gaming forever. We hope you’re going to enjoy it.

One last thing before going deep into Combz Season 0: we want to thank all our community members, those who were able to get the packs, those who were not, and those who are waiting for the next Season to jump in.

You already made this a success, but the greatest news is that we are not going anywhere. We have incredible developments in store for you and we cannot wait to show you!

Season 0 Calendar 📆

September 26: Season 0 Launch
September 28: Combz Redeem Token blend
October 3: Combz Shop & Combz Crystallize open
October 17: October Shop closes
October 24: Season 0 End
October 26: Season 0 Prizes Assigned
October 27: Season 1 Drop
October 31: Season 1 Launch

Season 0 🐝

3D View of your Chainfields

During Season 0 players will compete for an insane Season Prize: 279,000 WAX!

The goal in Combz is to produce resources, climb the leaderboard & buy the best NFTs from the game Shop.

There are four game resources: Hyperium, Oxenorite, Novacomb, and Hon.

Hyperium, Novacomb and Oxenorite

Hon is the most important resource, which allows to enter the leaderboard and buy NFTs.

How to produce resources? You will need at least 1 Chainfield and 1 Spacecomb NFT to start productions and create resources.

ℹ️ Don’t have Combz NFTs? Don’t forget that you can claim resources once a day from the free faucet

Chainfields are NFTs that house Spacecombs. They possess a maximum operating time and a fixed number of uses before necessitating repair. The maximum operating time remains unaltered over time.


Spacecombs are the NFTs responsible for resource generation. They always yield an output resource, and occasionally, they necessitate an input resource for production.

In order to start a production, players need to:

  1. Select a Chainfield
  2. Populate at least one Chainfield slot with Spacecombs
  3. If necessary, fill the Production Tank with input resources
  4. Apply Bonus
  5. Start Production

ℹ️ Always read the Gameplay section of the Whitepaper to understand how many Chainfields and Spacecomb you need to get started!


Season 0 Shop 🛒

Players can buy NFTs inside Combz Shop.

📆 Combz Shop will open on October 3rd and close on October 17th

They can do it by paying a Resource (between Hyperium, Novacomb & Oxenorite) + Hon + one or more Crafting Items.

Season 0 Combz Shop will be packed of incredible Combz, Taco and other projects’ NFTs.

List of Season 0 NFTs:

  • Combz Single Packs including Spacecombs 🍯
  • The Mint #1 Golden Spike Mythic Gear
  • The Mint #1 Pepper Venue
  • 10 Common Extractors 🥗
  • 10 Common Automators 🥗
  • 30 SHING Bonus Badges 🥗
  • 10 Common Gear 🕯
  • 10 Shnazzy’s Decks 🕯
  • 10 Kuma’s Decks 🕯
  • 50 WAX vPunks
  • 50 Misc NFTs form Outlaw Troopers
  • 10 Mini Brix Packs

More NFTs to come!

Combz Redeem Token Blend🍯

NeftyBlocks Blend

On September 28th you will be able to transform your Combz Redeem Token into a Spacecomb.

To do so you will need a Combz Redeem Token and 1 Crafting Item of any rarity.

Blend Link: https://neftyblocks.com/collection/taco/blends/blend.nefty/30958

Blend Odds Scheme:
- Common, 80%
- Uncommon, 15.5%
- Rare, 3%
- Epic, 1%
- Legendary, 0.36%
- Mythic, 0.12%

It’s only the beginning

As any other Taco product, Combz is here to stay for a long time and establish itself as one of the top games ever on Web3.

Because of this we invite you to join us on our official Discord: you are more than early!