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Coinstore launches a promo with $WOMBAT!

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Hello Wombat Fam!

The year has barely started, and we’re back at it again with a lucrative promo for $WOMBAT holders. If you have a few of those tokens laying around to spare, consider putting them to good use here. After all, you might win a share of $3000 worth of $WOMBAT! 🥳

So what is this campaign?

We’re launching a trading campaign on Coinstore today where YOU will share a whopping pool of $3000 worth of $WOMBAT tokens. The competition will be based on trading volumes (both buy and sell orders). Only spot trading for WOMBAT/USDT counts.

There are five tiers in total, each will share a part of that pool. To put it visually, the breakdown looks as follows:

In addition to that, there will be a Sunshine Bonus pool of $500 to share between folks who reach a minimum volume of $50.

The rewards are calculated as follows:

(Your trading volume) / (Cumulative trading volume in the whole tier) x (WOMBAT rewards in the corresponding section).

What is the timeline?

The campaign kicks off today and last for a week, i.e. Jan 23–30. If you want to take part, please fill out this form.

Good luck and may the best trader win!

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