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Brawl, share and win awesome prizes at the Xmas Game Fest!

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Hey Wombat Family! We’re certain many of you have already made exhaustive plans for this holiday season. But what if we told you that we have something very special prepared?

In a celebratory spirit, we are teaming up with Intraverse and AtomicHub to bring you a new crazy competition — the Xmas Game Fest!

The new frontier of engagement

XMas Game Fest was born through a partnership between AtomicHub, Wombat and Intraverse — a cross-community, cross-chain and cross-platform gaming experience with your NFTs as playable 3D avatars.

By avatarizing the PFPs of more than 30 NFT projects, Intraverse fostered the “NFT World Cup”, an exciting competition where Web3 communities clash in a street fighter tournament and engage in a wide variety of social quests.

If you’re wondering just how fun it is, the Summer Edition was a blast! It brought together over 4,000 players fighting for their favorite NFT projects, with a total amount of +420,000 game sessions and +22,000 tweets, generating incredible engagement among the involved communities.

About XMas Game Fest

Xmas Game Fest will last from December 11th till December 22nd, hosted in the Intraverse Gaming Arena. For this occasion, the Arena will be decked out with exclusive Christmas-themed decorations!

The game draws a lot from “Street Fighter” — pick your avatar and dive into epic 1v1 battles in PvE mode across three different difficulty levels. It will be available online and as separate apps for Windows, MacOS and Android — so basically, you can play wherever you are, however you like.

Winning rounds will not only feel amazing but will also increase the total scores for both you and the project you fought for. Beyond the brawl, participants can also climb the leaderboard by earning additional points through the Social Score System which includes:

Social Quests → these are activities aiming to:
1. Create social engagement (e.g. share the screenshot of gameplay on Twitter)

2. Give you a curated list of new games and experiences through challenges on partner gaming platforms

3. Improve the overall value of NFT collections involved (e.g. sweep NFTs).

Quizzes → answer engaging questions to get points by discovering more about your favorite NFT projects.

The event will be divided into different rounds, each of which will include a collaboration with a well-known gaming platform, that players can join to get more points. During break days, communities can strategize and form alliances, gaming guilds, or launch social media campaigns to up their chances in the next round.

The prize pot contains both tokens and NFTs provided by sponsors and partners, and it will be distributed among the top players of each project. The total value starts at $1500, and it will increase based on the number of participating projects.

Boost your score: the XMas Game Fest Pass

Do you want to boost your score even further? We’ve got you!

On [DROP DATE], Intraverse will drop the XMas Game Fest Passes on WAX — exclusively on AtomicHub’s Launchpad. The Passes will act as score multipliers — we will post a detailed breakdown in the coming weeks. Post-festival, these Passes will also have staking utility in Dungeon Master, along with a three-month validity period for following competitions hosted in Intraverse.

Watch out carefully for the upcoming updates: you might have the chance to get a Pass for free!

How to participate?

Are you a founder or work for an NFT project? Don’t miss the chance to be featured in the XMas Game Fest! Simply apply through this form by December 1st.

You can check here for a full overview and instructions to participate.

Do you love NFTs? Wait for further updates and get ready to join our Xmas event, it will be super fun and full of crazy prizes! And if you would like to try your hand before the main showdown, we are about to set the practice mode LIVE — so you’ll have plenty of time to practice.

Once the event kicks off, anyone can jump in. Simply pick the avatars you like the most, start stacking points and keep your eyes on the prize! For the extra competitive folks who own an NFT minted by the project they’re playing for, well you guys are going to have a little boost to your points!

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity and get ready to be rewarded with loads of prizes.

We’ll see you in the ring!

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