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Best ways to play and earn with Dungeon Master!

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Hello, play-to-earn gamers! As one of the beloved games on WAX, Dungeon Master has grown quite a lot — also in terms of gameplay and earning mechanics. In this guide, we will review all the possible ways to make your playing experience even more rewarding.

What’s the rewards structure in Dungeon Master?

Essentially, the value Dungeon Master offers as a play-and-earn title boils down to a few things.

  • Seasonal payouts, determined by players’ performance
  • NFTs in the daily loot chest that can be staked or resold on the secondary market
  • The $WOMBAT token bonus payouts for players who achieve over 45k contribution points on a given day

All these three avenues are fundamentally dependent on your contribution points.

What is Contribution in Dungeon Master?

Contribution is, to put it simply, a direct measure of a player’s performance. Every day, as you send your little wombat into the dungeon, you get contribution points. They depend on several factors:

  • The total mining power of the NFT’s you stake
  • The candy bonus
  • The duration of the dungeon run that you pick
  • Your wombat’s equipment
  • Your player level

The mining power is individually assigned to every NFT template. It typically changes for some of the templates, so make sure to keep tabs on your selection every time an update happens. You can look up the full registry of mining power per template here.

The candy bonus is a temporary boost, granting you 10% extra on contribution for two hours. This is not an automatic modifier, so you need to claim the candy and sign a transaction on WAX.

By default, you can send your wombat to run in the dungeons for five minutes, an hour, six hours or a full day. Additional durations of fifteen minutes and eight hours are available as NFTs. Every duration has a modifier to it that can amplify the amount of points you get. For example, the six-hour run has a 2x boost — that means, for four such runs, you will get twice as much as for a simple 24-hour one.

Certain equipment for your wombat can also help you stack Contribution. The same equipment can be combined into various sets, depending on the effect you want to reach. To get more contribution points, we recommend Sets 1 and 5.

Finally, your player level defines a percentage of the mining power you can unlock. The formula is always (your level + 9)%. So every new player starts with 10% of the mining power at Level 1 and unlocks its full measure at Level 91. XP boosts can also come from gear — once again, Set 5 is the perfect choice to get both Contribution and extra experience.

…But is that all?

Not quite! You can, of course, gain more Contribution by doing more runs. But there are only so many one can do in 24 hours. Unless…

Certain items also have the power to reduce the default duration of a run. For instance, a level 5 Mythic amulet from Set 5 gets 200% efficiency!

There’s plenty more to discover about the game. We will be covering other aspects of it in other posts — till then, check out our starting guide!

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