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Amazon Prime Gaming x Brawlers: Round Two Ignites with New Surprises

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Prime Gaming Meets Brawlers: A Powerhouse Duo

Welcome to round two of our thrilling partnership between the WAX Blockchain and Amazon Prime Gaming. For those new here, Amazon Prime Gaming is a service that enhances gaming experiences with exclusive in-game content and rewards. In this round, we’re taking Brawlers, the premier Web3 game on WAX, to new heights with even more engaging player experiences and in-game dynamics. Get ready for an enhanced gaming adventure!

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What’s New This Round?

The second round of our Amazon Prime Gaming collaboration brings an array of exciting new in-game items for Brawlers enthusiasts! Here’s what’s up for grabs:

Brawler NFT: Meet Scotty “Heelface Fire” Wideye, a unique character adding flair to your collection.

Deck Cards: Enhance your strategic options with cards like Scotty 1–8, each adding depth to your gameplay.

Special Moves: Unleash the power with moves such as:

  • Attack Move: “Fist of Fury,” for high-impact strikes.
  • Taunt Move: “Rude Flex,” to get under your opponent’s skin.
  • Finisher Move: “Suplex,” a classic move to dominate the ring.

Each of these items not only enriches your Brawlers experience but also brings a fresh dynamic to every match. Don’t miss out on these exclusive collectibles to boost your Brawlers arsenal. Claim Your Prime Gaming Loot Here!

Razer Joins the Brawl

The arena just got more electrifying with Razer™, the world’s premier gaming lifestyle brand, entering the fray. Known for their iconic triple-headed snake logo, Razer is a name that resonates across the global gaming and esports communities. Their reputation for cutting-edge technology, excellent engineering, and a commitment to sustainability makes them a powerhouse in the gaming world.

In this exciting partnership, Razer is bringing a treasure trove of their high-quality gaming gear to the Brawlerverse. This means players will have the chance to win more than just in-game glory; they can get their hands on some of the best gaming peripherals out there.

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Before diving into the giveaways, ensure you claim the second round of Prime Gaming Loot, as it includes essential Drop Badges required for participation in our sweepstakes.

Therabody: Elevating Gamer Wellness

Continuing its collaboration with Brawlers x Amazon Prime Gaming, Therabody remains a key player, offering Brawlers enthusiasts a chance to win their high-tech wellness products. Known for innovations like the Theragun, Therabody blends advanced technology with wellness, enhancing both gaming performance and recovery.

Join our giveaway here & check out our blog for details on upcoming Therabody sweepstakes!

Grab Your Prime Gaming Loot & Join the Action

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to snag exclusive in-game items and fantastic real-world merchandise. Link your Amazon Prime account with Brawlers today and be part of a gaming revolution. Head over to Amazon Prime Gaming to claim your exclusive loot and join the vibrant Brawlers’ community on Discord. The battle is on — are you ready?

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