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Acryptia x AtomicHub Game Fest!

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WAX blockchain in a spectacular event.

We are humbled by this recognition from a leading Web3 company, given that it has only been 6 months since our official launch. As a result, we are planning a great event that will involve the entire WAX gaming community!

Acryptia x AtomicHub: Event & Gem NFT

During Game Fest week, we will hold a special Acryptia Event where players can earn a share of 8,000 WAXP tokens. To participate, players must play Acryptia, contribute to completing a collective task, and rank up on the event leaderboard.

At the end of the event, players will earn a share of the prize pool based on the points they collected, but only if the collective task is completed.

📅 The event starts on June 19 at 12:00 UTC and ends on June 25 at 23:00 UTC.

💎 Only players who own and stake the AtomicHub Gem NFT can collect event points and earn WAX.

ℹ️ This is an event unrelated to Acryptia Seasons, therefore players will compete without Season Pass bonus.

AtomicHub Gem Blend

The AtomicHub Gem will be obtainable through blend.

Players will need 2 Common Crafting Items to successfully blend for the AH Gem. Only 500 AH Gems will be distributed.

📆 Blend will take place on June 16th at 16:00 UTC.

🔗 Blend link to be announced

✅ No whitelists required for the blend

Acryptia x AtomicHub: Launchpad

Thanks to AtomicHub, during the Game Fest we will have the opportunity to try their new Launchpad.

We wanted to create something unique for this special occasion, and we came out with a unique limited edition Skin Set branded after AtomicHub.

On the 25th we’re going to drop:

  • Limited Edition AtomicHub Skin Pack, Unlimited, $3.99

📅 🔗 Drop time & Link to be announced.

But, what can you find inside the Skin Set?

Limited Edition Atomic Hub Fest Skin Packs

The AH Fest Packs are an exclusive collection of limited edition Atomic Hub x Acryptia skins that are sure to make you stand out from other players.

Each pack contains 2 Skins of the full set of 4 unique NFTs. These NFTs are not only a great addition to your collection, but are also a way to show off your style and support for the Atomic Hub x Acryptia collaboration.

Thanks for Reading

During the AtomicHub Game Fest, the AtomicHub team will stream Acryptia games, create special events, and make sure that the whole week is going to be a fun, engaging time to spend with the WAX community.

Let’s enjoy it all together and get ready for an amazing Season 4: the new Acryptia Season will start on the first weeks of July!