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Acryptia x Alien Worlds Battles: Captains Edition

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Worlds during Acryptia Season 4!

We’re going to hold 3 Events, and each event will have a 20,000 TLM prize pool.

But let’s dive into all the relevant information about this second edition of the Acryptia x Alien Worlds Boss Battles: Captains Edition.

Captains Edition

After the amazing success of the previous Season, with more than 60,000 TLM and 90 Alien Worlds exclusive Acryptia Skins distributed, we’re ready to rumble again!

As said in the intro, during Acryptia Season 4 — which starts on July 4th — we’re going to hold 3 events, and each event will have a 20,000 TLM prize pool.

However, we’ve pushed the integration between Alien Worlds and Taco communities on another level.

Before the start of the first event, Syndicates will have the chance to nominate their Captain.

The Captain is a player which has 100% event points bonus 🚀

Captains will compete not only against all the other players, but also against other Captains.

At the end of the event, the Captain who collects the most points, unlocks for the Syndicates Limited Edition Skin.

Example: If Eyeke’s Captain wins the first event, Taco will produce a Limited Edition Eyeke Skin, playable inside Acryptia. Taco will mint 30 of them and distribute them directly to the Syndicate’s account, which will be in charge of the distribution for its community.

How Syndicates will choose their Captains?

Taco team is going to provide Syndicates a list of the Acryptia players who own a Season 3 Gold Medal and an Alien Worlds Gem.

The snapshot has been taken and this is the list.

Before July 17th at 16:00 UTC, Syndicates have to nominate one Captain by creating and executing a proposal to Alien Worlds. The Proposal has to follow this formula:

“This is the account [wallet_address] we wish to be the captain for the three Acryptia x Alien Worlds Boss Battles”.

The nominated Captains will maintain their role for all the three battles.

Event Rules & Alien Worlds Gem Blend

In order to participate players will need to stake the Alien Worlds Gem.

Once the Alien Worlds Gem blend is staked, players will have to collect Event points by playing Acryptia.

Each game will contribute to the completion of the collective task, and allow the player to rank up in the Boss Battle leaderboard.

When the Event is completed, players will receive a share of the total prize, based on their collected event points.

Each A2 Boss Battle will have a total prize of 20,000 TLM!

📅 The first event will start two weeks after Season launch, on 19th July

Because of this, we are going to distribute through blend 100 more Alien Worlds Gems!

💎 New Gem Blend will happen on 18th July at 16:00 UTC

🔗 Blend Link TBA

Thanks for Reading

We want to thank again the GalacticHubs and Alien Worlds teams for choosing Acryptia and the fantastic Taco community once again, with the goal of creating valuable gaming events within the WAX chain.

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