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Acryptia Season 5

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the most popular Web3 games is back with a full Season.

The game is fully playable on mobile and desktop and S5 will maintain its Season Pass formula: play.acryptia.io.

Here’s what you’ll find in this article:

  • New gameplay and features
  • New Season Pass & Prizes
  • New Gear, Skins & distribution system
  • Gear Recast feature
  • Live Streams

📢 On Tuesday 19th Acryptia will go under maintenance, and the game will be opened on the 20th for the S5 game launch

Gameplay & Features

Vampire Monsters 🧛
Unfortunately Rug’O did it again. And the most powerful monster ever appeared in the dungeon. At the end of each turn the Vampire Monster drains 1 HP from the Hero and increase of 1 its power. And you don’t want to know how Vampire/Clone and Vampire/Fire monsters are…

Acryptia is now faster and less resource-intensive. These changes are crucial in making Acryptia more accessible to users with less powerful devices. But remember, Acryptia is still a Web game, so don’t use it with heavy firewalls and blockers.

Task Refactor
We’re not even hiding it, tasks will be easier! You will need less time to complete the Season.

Improved Skin Set Boost
The Supreme Outfit and The Acryptia Master Set will give respectively 25% and 35% boost for task completion 😉

Combz Integration 🐝
Acryptia Players will have the chance of entering Combz, the new Taco game, by just playing Acryptia ❤️ Yes, through the Season Pass, players will have the chance of winning more than 10 Combz assets and have the chance of entering the New Taco Game by playing Acryptia!

Plus, there might be some Combz themed Events, stay tuned!

New Season Pass & Prizes

Combz Resources and TACOG!

Acryptia S5 is the Season tailored for any kind of player:

  • For the love of the game: you will be excited about new Skins, the fact that you will be able to pull Mythics from the new Gear Packs and of course fighting against new Monster just to be there on the top of the leaderboard!
  • To enter more deeply into the Taco Ecosystem: this is your Season! You will be able to collect TACOG tokens, Taco Universe Packs, and more than 10 Combz assets! Plus, a Brigade Pack, right at the beginning of the Season!
  • To collect valuable NFTs: S5 prizes are just insane. Check all of them and their floor prices (updated at December 15th) below 👇

But, before showing the Season Pass prize, a reminder:

Players can collect up to 10 prizes, by playing completely for free.

Otherwise, they can upgrade their Season Pass Level, to collect up to 34 more prizes 👀🚀

🔥 Each Season Pass Level Up can be done with 50 ONI.

Full Season Pass prize list:

Floor Price Updated at December 15th
Floor Price Updated at December 15th


One of the most important updates of this Season concerns TACOG.

TACOG is our Governance Token. With it, community members can vote on important decisions about the future of Taco. It is a non-transferable token and TACOG used when voting is burned.

Distributing such an important asset like TACOG through Acryptia emphasizes a concept: Acryptia is a crucial part of the Taco ecosystem.

New Gear and Skins distribution system: No Drops!

Acryptia Season 5 will not be preceded by any drop.

Yes, all the Gear Packs and new Skins will be distributed through the Season Pass 👀

Acryptia Series 4 Gear Packs contain one Gear, but with a huge news: these will be the first packs with the chances of pulling… Mythics 🚀

✅ Inside the Pack you will be able to find all the existing Gear, there won’t be release new Gear templates for the Season. Odds: Common, 60.00%; Uncommon, 28.00%; Rare, 8,00%; Epic, 2.50%; Legendary, 1.00%, Mythic 0.50%

For what concerns Series 3 Skins, we released 22 of them and you will be able to find 20 of them (all different) through the Season Pass.

  • Released Commons: 3 — Obtainable through the Season Pass: 3
  • Released Uncommons: 3 — Obtainable through the Season Pass: 3
  • Released Rares: 3 — Obtainable through the Season Pass: 3
  • Released Epics: 2 — Obtainable through the Season Pass: 2
  • Released Legendaries: 2 — Obtainable through the Season Pass: 1
  • Released Mythics: 2 — Obtainable through the Season Pass: 1
  • Released Winter Edition Limited: 7 — Obtainable through the Season Pass: 7

Gear Recast

Let’s add more spice to the Season with Gear Recast!

During the Season we’re going to release a new recipe within Crafting Labs.

Players will be able to craft a Gear + Crafting Items + SHING tokens to obtain a whole new Gear of the same rarity.

ℹ️ A recast could give as result the same recasted Gear. It’s very low in odds, but it can happen!

This is a great opportunity for players to recast their Gear and get the chance of having the missing piece, whether is Head, Body or Hands!

Definitely something very good in the sight of a future Gear Rent system (which will be released in future!)


Some of you might know that we opened our Twitch Channel, and every Thursday we host a show and talk about what is happening in the Taco worlds.

After the release of Season 5 we’re going to have some chill live streams, playing Acryptia, answering your questions about the game, and showing our gaming skills 💪