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Acryptia Season 3 Live Now!

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everyone. It’s currently playable on desktop.

Play now: play.acryptia.io

Prize Pool worth over 250,000 WAX 🚀

Good practices:
🌐 Make sure your connection is fast and stable
🚫 Remove ad block and firewalls
🧹 Clear Cache

Season 3 — New Features


Login and play without a Wallet

From Season 3 players will be able to login with Google and Facebook too. This will give everyone the chance to play Acryptia without access barriers.

These Players can also Stake (and then equip) Gear, Skins, upgrade the Season Pass and Withdraw Gear, Skins and Rewards. These actions can be done only with a support WAX wallet.

No more Brazier: Introducing Season Pass

From Season 3 onwards, Acryptia will adopt a classic battle pass system, called Season Pass.

Each player will be able to win up to 10 FREE prizes, and have the option to get the Season Pass and unlock the other 30 PREMIUM Prizes.

The Season Pass is divided in Levels, and each Level Up can be made using 25 ONI tokens.

No more Brazier: Stats and Leaderboard

There are no more “ranked” and “unranked” games. Each run will count towards personal Tasks, Stats and overall Leaderboards, no matter if the player has upgraded the Season Pass or not.

ℹ️ Tasks Reroll will be available for 2 ONI.

📆 This Season Daily Tasks will be introduced and players will be able to collect up to 6,000 Tasks Points.


S3 will be the first Season featuring Skins!

For this special occasion we’ve created more than 180 different Skins, divided in Series 1 & Limited Edition.

Players can earn Skins through the Season Pass, Drops and Special Events.

Skin rarity ranges from Common to Mythic, and are divided into 8 types: Card Dealer, Cauldron, Floor Badge, Seat, Board, Hero, Background, Custom Deck.

ℹ️ Skins must be staked in the Inventory to be applied.

Shnazzy’s Custom Deck

Season 3 holds probably the most exciting collab we have ever made will consist of a playable full Custom Deck Skin designed by Shnazzy herself!

Shnazzy designed a full deck of 48 unique cards. The deck is playable inside Acryptia by staking and applying the Shnazzy’s E-Girls Deck Box NFT.

Shnazzy’s designed also a brilliant Hero, which can be playable also without the entire deck, by staking and applying the Hero Card NFT.

250 more Deck Boxes and 250 more Hero Cards designed by Shnazzy will be released over the course of the Season.

Skin Drops Calendar 📆

23rd. Small Skin Pack Drop (500) ✅ SOLD OUT
30th. Shnazzy Collab Drop (250 Custom Deck + 250 Hero Card) DROP LIVE

11th. Small Skin Pack Drop (100)
13th. Series 2 Gear Drop (500)
18th Small Skin Pack Drop (100) POSTPONED
25th Small Skin Pack Drop (100)
27th Shnazzy Collab Drop (125 Custom Deck + 125 Hero Card) POSTPONED

2nd. Skin Pack Drop (100)
9th. Skin Pack Drop (100)
16th. 100 Skin Pack Drop (100)
18th. Shnazzy Collab Drop (125 Custom Deck + 125 Hero Card) POSTPONED
23rd. Skin Pack Drop (100)

Fire Monsters

Rug’O and his friends were having a party inside the Dungeon to celebrate the end of the Season 2, but a sorcery went wrong and Dungeon Monsters are now able to spit fire 🔥

When the turn finishes, if the card on the board is a Fire Monster, you will receive 1 damage directly to your Player Card.

Save & Exit

You can now Save & Exit the game between levels, and come back whenever you want to complete your run.

If tasks change before you resume the game, the run will contribute towards the new, active tasks when it is over.

Body Gear

⚠️ The Series 2 Gear Drop rules have been changed after collecting community feedback.

On April 13th at 16:00 UTC we are dropping 300 Series Limited Edition Body Gear Packs.

Each Single Pack costs $4.99 and contains 1 Body Gear.


  • 16:00 UTC: 5 minutes pre-access to VIP and S2 Gold Medal owners max claim 1, no resets
  • 16:10 UTC: 5 minutes pre-access to S3 Bronze Medal owners, 1 max claim, 15 seconds resets
  • After 5 minutes, the sale will be public, 1 max claim, 15 seconds resets

📸 Whitelists Stack, snapshot on April 12th. Activation on April 18th.

A2 Boss Battles

Taco and Alien Worlds are working to create a new gaming experience for Acryptia and Alien Worlds players!

During Season 3, we are going to hold three special Events, the A2 Boss Battles. While playing Acryptia, each player will accrue points and contribute to the completion of the collective task. They will also rank up in the A2 Boss Battle leaderboard.

When the Event has been completed, players will receive a share of the total prize, based on their collected event points. Each A2 Boss Battle will have a total prize of 20,000 TLM!

Season 3 Rewards

Last but not least, here is the list of the Season 3 Rewards: from S3 all the Rewards will be NFT!

Each player is able to collect up to 10 FREE NFT, or upgrade the Season Pass to be able to collect up to 30 more PREMIUM NFT.

Rewards list:

End of the Season Prizes:

  • 38: S3 Limited Edition Card Back
  • 39: Mythic Background Skin: Fire Pit, Crystal Cave or Gold Rush
  • 40: Gold Fire Medal

Thanks for Reading!

Don’t forget to join our Discord & Twitter and share the game with your friends: anyone can play, even without a WAX wallet!