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A Comprehensive Introduction to the API Tools

Escrito el 18-10-2023 por
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The Alien Worlds software stack comprises multiple smart contracts on the blockchain. These contracts manage the security-critical logic and are paired with browser-based user interfaces. Users interact with these interfaces as their user-friendly portal to access blockchain logic. However, bridging these two domains is a crucial layer of data processing and persistence: the API tools. So, why are API tools essential? The blockchain is tightly constrained in processing power and storage due to the distributed nature of blockchain technology and logically, can only execute with data already in the blockchain’s data storage. On the opposite end of the software stack, the browser interface is limited to executing logic within the temporary memory of a browser window on a user’s device. With these limitations, the capability to make rich and compelling user experiences is massively reduced. The API provides unconstrained processing power, data enrichment, and integrations into any available web-connected systems, unlocking the potential for captivating, informative, and entertaining user experiences.

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